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"Beautifully designed and sold at a more accessible price"

"The best affordable virtual spin class bike."

"An accessible alternative to its competitors."

"There's a new exercise bike on the scene in the form of Apex."

"A very neat piece of product design with great functionality and fairly priced too."

"An at-home spin bike giving you 24/7 classes."

"A fresh, exciting new exercise bike."

"Apex bikes have a stylish and ergonomic design with state-of-the-art technology and gamified software."


The best in-home cardio for less

We want everyone to reach their Apex. So, we’ve designed an incredible bike, smart tech and awesome workouts – but left out the hefty price-tag.

Classes brought to you

Our instructors will help you get spin-fit – from the comfort of your home.

Find your pace

Climb the live leaderboard and feel the burn, or just grab 20 when the kids are down. Whatever your goals, we're here for your fast and your slow.

Ride when you're ready

Make workouts work for you, with hundreds of live and on-demand classes filmed from our London studio.

Our bike

This is a bike that looks great and performs even better.
Ergonomic, compact and comfy as hell. Hop on and join the joy ride.

bike bike


Animated bike image


Animated bike image Animated bike image

The bike that works for you.


Advanced non-slip coating so you can get a grip, no matter how hard you're pushing.


Front wheels make it easy to tip the bike and move it – so you can workout where you want.


Clip-in or throw on your trainers, however you pedal our Shimano 50/50’s have you covered.


Tech specs

Bike Specification
Footprint 4ft x 2ft
Weight 45kg
Height 4ft
User Height Range 4'10" - 6'.8”
Max User Weight 140kg
Bike Features
Bluetooth Connected
Use your own iPad/iPhone or cast to TV
Secure iPad & iPhone Holder
Phone and Tablet Charging Points
Magnetic Resistance
Protected Flywheel
Shimano Pedals 50/50 for SPD or Trainers
Integrated Bottle Holder
Weights Holder
Wireless Phone Charger
App Details
Only supported on Apple devices
Multiple profiles for family use
Best Current Music in variety of genres
Fully Immersive software with in-class gamified features to push you to best of your ability
Stream 100s of classes live and on-demand, anytime
Personalised data and results to track ongoing performance
Real-time in-class leaderboards
Monthly subscription £30 commencing on date of delivery
Early bird offer Free subscription access with early bird for duration specified in offer

Use your own iPad or iPhone

Just hook up your own screen, and you're ready to ride.
Advanced metrics, leaderboard, rewards.

App Store

Coming soon to the Apple App Store

iPad iPad
Multiple users

Best classes live
and on demand

Join us live or choose from one of our hundreds of on-demand classes. Your tunes, your tempo, your vibe.

Head in the game image

Riders ready?

We promise to encourage, challenge and motivate you - so whether you're looking to reach the top spot on our leaderboards, beat your PB, or simply compete against friends, we are here to make sure you have fun whilst you do it.

Multiple users

Head in the game
hands in the air

Apex brings the thrill of the studio to you. Review your class statistics and track your progress. Get to know your favourite instructors and reach new heights with the A-team.

More info

Our world class instructors
from Boom Cycle

Trainer image

Jack Greaves

From the stage to the Apex screen. You will always see Jack giving it 110% along with his cheeky personality and trademark quiff. Why is his hair so big you say? Cause it’s full of secrets.

And what is the secret to Jack's spin class? Well expect to be taken on a ride like no other with big tunes, big moves and even bigger vibes!

Trainer image

Michael Afemare

Mikey brings the sass to the saddle. Fresh from throwing some shapes on the West End stage he’s ready to bring the heat to your living room.

He’s had struggles with body image in the past but is now big on investing time to make yourself feel great. He’ll make you sweat, but have a great time doing it. All to a track of RnB, dancehall, hip-hop and the occasional splash of musical theatre!

Trainer image

Sandra Martin

Her kryptonite is cake, she loooves clean sheets and when she's not raising the roof in the studio, she writes songs and poetry.

Sandra's playlists are legendary - you can expect high-octane fun and a healthy dose of Beyoncé in every single one of her classes.

Trainer image

Emma Cooke

High on Life by Martin Garrick sums up our Emma - chirpy, funny and a little bit feisty. Rumour has it she's made of 50% white wine and she loves a meal out with her nearest and dearest.

She’s a kick-ass instructor, and if you pick one of her classes, prepare yourself for a seriously fun and sweaty ride, and maybe a terrible joke or four....

Trainer image

Chris Marshall

Expect a workout for body and mind at a session with Chris, he's big on unlocking potential and ramping up the motivation. All delivered with his trademark Scottish charm.

When he's not in the saddle he loves a good book, almost as much as he loves a hit of sugar. For Chris it's all about balance...

Trainer image

Emma-Louise Livermore

Despite never being happier than when she's sat under a palm tree, Emma has a need for speed!

A secret tech geek with a love of pizza, a session in Emma's studio is guaranteedto be rocking, expect a sprinkle of 80s classics and some high-octane action.

Trainer image

Duncan Leighton

He says he likes his coffee black, like his soul. But we've heard he's secretly sensitive AF.

A spin with Duncan is full throttle - he pushes the pace and strives to make every one of his classes as good as a sunset sesh at Glasto 2014 - or "absolute perfection" in his own words.

Cardio excercise

Bike available
summer 2020

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Cardio excercise

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As a thank you for signing up and a little something from us to you to keep you going until your first Apex ride...

You will receive a bundle,
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Resistance bands
Ab Sliders
Exercise Mat
Water Bottle

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When are the bikes going to be delivered?

We’re currently expecting deliveries of the bikes to begin in August 2020, but we’re monitoring the ongoing pandemic situation and will update customers if there are any changes to this date.

How much does the bike cost?

The bike is RRP £1,200 and the app subscription is £30/month. By placing a 10% deposit you will secure your bike, we’ll then contact you approximately one week before the bike is due to be delivered to settle the remaining balance.

Is there a finance option/how does the finance option work?

Yes. When asked to pay the remaining balance of the bike you’ll be given the opportunity to either pay the full amount upfront, or spread the cost over 12, 24 or 36 months interest-free with Klarna.

12 months = £90/month

24 months = £45/month

36 months = £30/month

Is there an NHS discount/how do I acquire it?

We’re currently offering a 20% discount (excluding deposit) to all NHS staff. This deduction is applied to the remaining balance of the bike once the deposit has been paid. So, £1,080 - 20% = £864. To qualify, you simply need to input your NHS email address during the checkout process on our website. We’ll then apply the discount when it comes to setting up a payment plan for the bike.

When am I going to receive the free exercise bundle?

Apex exercise bundles are being sent out every day to new customers. If you have not received yours then please do contact us at [email protected]

How much is the app? Do I need it to use the bike?

The Apex app is £30/month and you are not tied into a long term contract in order to use it - in fact, you can cancel your app subscription at any time. We would however, recommend keeping the subscription as without it the bike would only have basic functionality and you will NOT have access to any performance feedback/statistics and the full Apex experience. The Apex bike is currently only compatible with the Apex app.

When is the app going to be available to download?

We’ll be releasing the Apex app at the same time as when the first bikes get delivered. The free subscription only begins when your bike is delivered. In the meantime, the app is currently being loaded up with tonnes of amazing classes from our incredible studio partner Boom Cycle.

Will you be offering any deals when it is available on Android?

Yes, but the app is currently only available on Apple / iOS devices. We intend to launch on Android in Winter 2020, however there is no fixed date for this.

What is the weight of the flywheel? How does this affect performance?

The flywheel is 4kg. We’ve purposely designed the bike with a lighter flywheel to ensure it’s more convenient and suitable for the home environment, plus it spins faster generating more energy than heavier flywheels. The result is a smoother ride while still generating enough resistance.

What type of classes/content will be available on the Apex app?

There will be a mixture of 15, 20, 45 and 60-minute spin sessions separated into various styles and instructors (you can also filter by music genre, difficulty level, instructor and weight or no weights). There will be a range of off-the-bike activities available too, including HIIT, Meditation, Yoga and Pilates. We’re also developing a ‘Free-ride’ option for those who want to do their own thing.

Why is the Apex bike a better alternative to other bikes in the market?

With Apex you don’t just get a bike, you get a whole expertly-designed experience. Versus our competitors, Apex is more affordable, more attractive (with four colour options chosen for the in home environment) and has a huge range of classes run by the UK’s top instructors. Our bike was designed in London and all of our classes are filmed from Hammersmith, with the amazing instructors from Boom Cycle. The Apex bike is Bluetooth connected, and our software is built on iOS, which means that you do require an iPad or iPhone to view classes and stats. We decided to offer the bike without a screen because we think households already have too many screens, and more importantly it means that we are able to offer our bike at a more affordable price point. Apex is all about fun. We are building a cardio experience that is inclusive and encouraging - we want our customers to be healthy and feel great. We award Apex Points, which are based on your power output vs your biometrics to give a level playing field on our in-class leaderboards. That means that there is no competitive advantage - whatever your age, size, ability etc.

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